Travel insurance coverage is usually limited to the period of your travel. However, some insurance companies may offer various combinations of protection to cater to the specific needs of customers, including long-term annual policies for a frequent traveller.
A travel insurance can be purchased for you and/or your family to insure against travel-related accidents, losses or interruptions, such as:
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Important points to consider when buying travel insurance

Understanding policy benefits

Coverage & exclusions

Making a claim
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Personal accident
medical-related expenses

loss of travel or accommodation expenses due to cancellation or curtailment of the journey
losing your baggage, belongings and money
losing your passport
personal liability
delayed baggage
travel delays
When you're taking up a travel insurance policy, always:
Shop around to find the policy that best fits your requirements.
Check with your insurance company what personal effects can be covered under travel insurance, as it differs between insurance companies.
Ensure that your insurance company has a good network of foreign affiliates which can provide you with assistance when you need it.
Check whether your insurance company provides 24-hour emergency hotline service. This is important should anything go wrong while you are overseas and need help.
Read the policy exclusions carefully, to know what can prevent you from claiming from your policy.
Even though you’re covered by travel insurance, you must also do all you can to try and protect, save and recover your belongings that are lost or damaged. You should also contact the travel policy’s medical and emergency assistance hotline if you need immediate help, notify the authorities in charge of the area and notify the insurance company as soon as possible.
While most travel insurance offer similar benefits, the scope of coverage and scale of benefits varies between insurance companies.
For better understanding of these benefits, please download our booklet on travel insurance, or contact an insurance company about the benefits and policies they offer.