An investment-linked insurance plan is a life insurance that combines investment and protection. Your premiums provide not only a life insurance cover, but part of the premiums will also be invested in specific investment funds of your choice. You get to choose how to allocate your insurance premiums towards protection and investment.
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You want the flexibility to choose your own level of protection and investment.

You wish to vary the amount of your premium payments or coverage based on your own personal financial situation.
You have the flexibility to choose the type of funds based on your risk aptitude.
You want a savings plan to maintain your standard of living after retirement.
When it comes to picking the right plan, always:
Consider the amount you wish or can invest in the plan, either in single or regular-premium plans.

Remember to also consider the types of funds and the level of protection you need.
Evaluate your options carefully to find the right plan with the right fund to suit your needs.
  Single-premium plan  

A single premium-plan features a single lump-sum premium payment, so you don’t have to worry about making regular premium payments, and worrying about lapsing.

Features a life insurance policy with a death or total permanent disability cover of around 125% of your lump-sum investment.

Benefit payments will be to the sum assured or the value of the investment units at the time of claim, whichever is higher.

Allows you to immediately invest more to generate returns.
  Regular-premium plan  

The regular-premium plan is a more suitable plan for you if you don’t want to invest a large sum at the start of the plan.

Gives you the flexibility to increase your premiums and coverage when your finances improve in the future which are paid either monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

The basic insurance coverage, in the event of death or total permanent disability, is usually a multiple of the annual premium.

The benefit payment will be the total of sum assured plus the value of the investment units.
Investment-linked plans, like other types of investments, are exposed to investment risk. The unit price of an investment fund (managed by the insurance company) is linked to the total value of the plan, which fluctuates with the movements in the unit price. You may realise a gain or loss when you sell your units, and may even get less than what you invested. Past-performance of an investment-linked fund's track record is only a guide to future performance.
For more details, please download our booklet on investment-linked insurance or contact a licensed insurance company for assistance. In this booklet, you can find more information about the types of investment-linked plans available in Malaysia as well as advice on lodging complaints.