Personal accident (PA) takaful is an annual plan that provides you or your beneficiaries with compensation in the event of death, disablement or injuries arising from an accident. You can either participate in a PA takaful for yourself or group plan for your family. PA takaful is also available for short durations, like when you’re travelling abroad, to cover you should any accident occur during your travel period.

While the basic PA takaful cover provides 24-hour worldwide coverage, there are exclusions to basic PA takaful. However, paying additional contributions, certificate holders can extend their cover to include the certificate exclusions. Check with your takaful operator on the additional coverage you can purchase for your PA takaful.
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Coverage and exclusions

Do's and don'ts for PA takaful

How to claim under personal accident takaful
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When you're choosing a PA takaful, always:

Check the scope of cover offered by the takaful operator. Different takaful operators offer different covers, exclusions and benefits.
Disclose all material facts on the risks to be covered.
Consider your requirements, and pick the plan that meets them best.
  Scale of benefits  
  The scale of benefits refers to the amount of compensation payable by the takaful operator in the event of death, disablement or injury. You are advised to note the scale of benefits in the plan as it varies between takaful operators.  
  Multiple coverage  
  If you have more than one PA takaful or insurance, in the event of your death or disablement, you or your beneficiary will be entitled to compensation under each plan. However for certain losses such as medical expenses where compensation are on reimbursement basis, you will only be compensated once, based on the actual loss suffered.  
  You are advised to nominate a beneficiary and ensure that your beneficiary is aware of the PA takaful that you have participated.  
Contact a takaful operator for more information on the cover and benefits of their personal accident takaful. You can also download our booklet on Personal Accident Takaful or view our FAQ's on the subject.