Medical and health takaful gives you cover for the cost of private medical treatment, like hospitalisation, surgery and treatment, if you are diagnosed with certain illnesses or are involved in an accident. The cover acts as a stand-alone policy or can be added to a basic family takaful plan, providing better coverage and benefits from both policies.
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Medical and health takaful is offered through individual or group plans. However, an individual plan generally costs more than a group takaful plan. Therefore, you need to be very careful when choosing a cover that best suits your needs by understanding the product features, conditions, benefits, limitations and exclusions of the takaful plan. Don't be pressured into buying more than you need.
It is important that you understand the terms used in medical and health takaful. If you have any doubts about the meanings of these terms, you should ask your agent or the takaful operator. As the certificate is a legal contract, the meanings used in the certificate will apply when a claim is made.
Contact a takaful operator for more information on their covers and services, or download our booklet on medical and health takaful for more information. Or visit our FAQ on medical and health takaful.