Family takaful provides you with both a protection policy and long-term savings for your peace of mind. You or your beneficiary will be provided with financial benefits if you suffer a tragedy. At the same time, you will enjoy an investment return because part of your contribution will be deposited in an account for the purpose of savings. You have a choice of maturity periods and there is no forfeiture in the event of cancellation. You are also entitled to personal tax relief when you participate in family takaful.
Things I Should Know

What is the takaful concept?

Family takaful coverage & exclusions

Key terms & conditions

Making a claim
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FAQs on family takaful
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Open to all individuals aged 18 to 55 years
A choice of maturity periods
No forfeiture in event of cancellation
Facility for part-withdrawal
Surplus sharing with takaful operator
Provide long-term savings and investment
When it comes to choosing a plan, always:
Consider a plan that best suits your life stage
Understand the scope of cover provided under the plan
Ordinary family
  - Individual family takaful
  The plans include education, mortgage, health and riders. You and your beneficiary will receive financial benefits arising from death or permanent disability, as well as long-term savings (investment), and investment profits that are distributed upon claim, maturity or early surrender.
  - Group family takaful
  This policy is for employers, clubs, associations and societies. The plans include group education, group medical, health and riders. A minimum number of participants are required to qualify under these plans. You will receive protection in the form of financial benefits arising from death or permanent disability.
Retirement Annuity
  A plan that provides regular income upon your retirement.
Investment-linked Takaful
  A portion of your contribution is used to buy investment units, such as units in equity or fixed income securities. The takaful protection covers death and permanent disability. A family takaful rider is an extension of the basic family takaful. The rider provides coverage against personal accident and disability, medical and health.
It is important that you understand the terms and conditions used in family takaful. If you have any doubts about the meanings of these terms, you should ask your agent or the takaful operator. As the certificate is a legal contract, the meanings used in the certificate will apply when a claim is made.
For more information on family takaful, please download our booklet on Family Takaful or contact a takaful operator to learn more about the policies they offer for family takaful.