An investment-linked takaful is a family takaful plan that combines investment and takaful cover. Your contribution gives you a takaful cover, which includes death and disability benefits, and also an investment in a variety of Shariah-approved investment funds of your choice.  
Investment-linked takaful offers you these unique features:
You have the flexibility to choose your own level of protection and investment.

You can vary the amount of your contribution according to your changing financial circumstances.
You can switch your current investment fund to other types of investment funds.
You can claim part of your investment-linked units at any point in time.

You can choose from a variety of investment-linked funds (equities, bonds or other financial instruments) to invest in.
Things I Should Know

Understanding the takaful concept in investment-linked takaful

Factors to consider when choosing a plan

Investment-linked takaful - Important things to remember

Investment-linked takaful do's & don'ts
Making a claim
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When it comes to picking the right plan, always:
Decide on the allocation of your contribution towards protection and investment.
grey bullet Consider the amount you wish to invest in either single contribution or regular contribution plans.
grey bullet Remember to also consider the types of funds and the level of risk that you are comfortable with.
grey bullet Evaluate your options carefully to find a plan that suits your needs.

Find out the types and amount of fees and charges you may be subject to i.e. management fees and other fees that may be imposed for different services performed.
Know the flexibility for fund switching.
  Single Contribution Plan  

With this plan, you invest one single lump-sum payment.

The sum assured is usually a percentage of the single contribution, while the benefit payments are the sum assured and the value of the investment-linked units.

This plan is more suited to you if you have a substantial sum ready for investment.
  Regular Contribution Plan  

This plan lets you make your contributions either monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly.

The sum assured is usually a multiple of the
annual contribution.

The benefit payment is the sum assured and the value of your investment-linked units.
Consider the risks you are willing to take and be sure you fully understand the risks involved, before putting your money into an investment-linked takaful. Be prepared to have your money tied-up for a certain period and read all the information you are given carefully.
You can get professional advice from your takaful operator or agent on the risks and benefits of a particular investment-linked takaful, or for more information, please download our booklet on investment-linked takaful.