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26 Jun 2007 Bank Negara Malaysia introduces tiered pricing structure to promote good financial discipline among credit card users
Bank Negara Malaysia wishes to announce the introduction of a tiered pricing structure for credit card users to promote the use of credit cards as a payment instrument.
12 Jun 2007 Bank Negara Malaysia and SC investigates AB Fund for illegal internet investment activities
Bank Negara Malaysia in a joint operation with the Securities Commission and Polis Diraja Malaysia yesterday, 11 June 2007, conducted a raid on AB Fund for suspected illegal deposit taking and illegal investment activities via its website and .
03 Jan 2007 Alleged Fake RM5 Polymer Banknote
A recent news report alleging fake RM5 Polymer banknotes in circulation is highly misleading. Investigations by Bank Negara Malaysia has revealed that the banknote is genuine. The faded prints were caused by chemical reaction.
05 Sep 2006 Warning on Swiss Cash or Swiss Mutual Fund
Bank Negara Malaysia and Securities Commission of Malaysia would like to inform members of the public that Swiss Mutual Fund, the company that is promoting the Swiss Cash fund, is not licensed or exempted from licensing by Bank Negara Malaysia to accept deposits nor is it licensed by the Securities Commission to carry out asset management activities or services in Malaysia.
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