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FAQs on Child Education Takaful Plan
    Why should I participate in a Child Education Takaful Plan?
      By participating in this plan, your child will be provided with protection and financial benefits to finance their future education expenses.
    Who is eligible to apply for the plan?
      An individual between the age 18 and 55 is eligible to apply for the plan, regardless of his/her religious beliefs.
    As I get older, do I need to increase my contribution?
      No. Your contribution remains the same as long as your certificate is in force.
      The child education takaful plan cannot be transferred among children of the same parents because different participants will acquire different plans.
    I do not have any children, but would like to buy a plan for my niece. Can I?
      By doing this, it is indeed a meaningful deed.  However, only a parent or legal guardian can affect the education takaful plan for the child.  You can still arrange to buy and pay for the plan, with the co-operation of the parent(s).  In this case, you will have to give up all control to the certificate holder, i.e. the parent.
    How do I make a claim?
      The takaful operator will pay you, your child or your nominee(s), subject to the terms and conditions of your certificate. In the event of a claim:
      Notify your takaful operator as soon as possible.
        For a maturity claim, provide a copy of the child education takaful certificate.
        For a death claim, your nominee(s) need to provide the following documents:
          - A certified copy of the death certificate;
          - A photocopy of the deceased’s identity card;
          - Original children education takaful certificate;
          - Proof of claimant's relationship with the deceased; and
          - Other documents as requested by the takaful operator.
    Can the plan be assigned amongst my children?
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