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FAQs on Family Takaful
    Is family takaful meant for Muslims only?
      No, family takaful is opened to any individual regardless of his/her religious beliefs. No additional terms and conditions are imposed upon non-Muslim participants.
    What is a Participant's Account?
      A Participant’s Account (PA) is an investment account proportion of your takaful instalments (contribution) that will be credited for the purpose of savings and investment.
    What is a Participant’s Special Account?
      A Participant’s Special Account (PSA) is where the balance of your takaful instalments is credited as participative contribution (tabarru’) for payment of the ttakaful benefits to any of the participants who face a misfortune arising from death or permanent disability.
    What are riders or supplementary benefits?
      Riders or supplementary benefits provide additional cover to the basic family takaful, such as hospitalisation and surgical benefits.
    What is an accidental death rider?
      An accidental death rider is a cover that provides double death benefits if the death is caused by an accident. For example, if sum covered for basic plan is RM10,000, with this rider your beneficiary will receive a total of RM20,000 in the event of your accidental death.
    How do I pay my takaful contribution?
      You can choose to pay your takaful instalments on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annual basis. You can make payment of your takaful instalments by bank standing instruction, salary deduction or at any branch of your takaful operator.
    What is permanent disability?
      Permanent disability is a disability, whether caused by bodily injury or disease, which totally prevents you from engaging in or performing any work.
    Would I be entitled for personal tax relief when I participate in family takaful?
      Yes, you would be eligible for personal tax relief when you participate in family takaful. The takaful operator will issue an annual contribution statement to support your income tax statement to the Inland Revenue Board.
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