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FAQs on Home Takaful

    A friend came to my house and she accidentally fell in the kitchen and broke her arm. Can she be compensated for that?
      Yes, provided you are found to be legally liable. In addition, the takaful operator will pay for the expenses incurred by her in making the claim plus other expenses that the takaful operator agrees to pay, as stated in the certificate. The maximum amount payable under this benefit for any one claim, or series of claims arising from one cause, in any one period of takaful is RM50,000.
    Can I buy householders takaful without buying houseowners takaful?
      Under the current practice, the takaful operator will only provide you with householders takaful if you purchase houseowners takaful from the same takaful operator.
    Must I itemise all my household contents to the takaful operator?
      You are required to itemise all items of greater value than 5% of the total sum covered on the household contents. However, all jewellery must be individually specified with supporting documents irrespective of the value.

    There are many items covered under houseowners takaful. How do I substantiate my claims if there has been a loss?
      You will need to present the invoice, bill or payment voucher of such item to substantiate your claim.

    Do I need to participate in two houseowners takaful plans, one for the financier and the other for the management corporation, for my apartment?
      The financial institutions under the supervision of Bank Negara Malaysia, with effect from May 1996, have agreed that customers will not be required to participate in houseowners takaful plan for financing the purchase of an apartment or condominium unit. The financial institution will accept the cover the management corporation has under the Strata Title Act as evidence of takaful coverage or insurance protection.
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