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FAQs on Medical and Health Takaful

    Do I need to buy the cover in my personal capacity when my employer has provided the cover on a group basis?
      It is advisable to buy the cover in your personal capacity because, upon your retirement, you will be older and more prone to succumb to illness and disease. The takaful contribution will become quite expensive by then or the takaful operator may refuse to accept your proposal on the basis of a pre-existing illness.

    If I have separate covers with two takaful operators or insurance companies, can I claim under both policies?
      No. However, the takaful operator will pay any amount in excess of that not covered by the other takaful operator or insurance company.
    Is there an age limit to participate in a medical and health takaful?
      The age limit that is usually stipulated in the certificate is between 15 days to 65 years old.

    Will the takaful operator issue a guarantee letter to the hospital if I am hospitalised?
      You are required to pay the hospital bill first and subsequently claim from the takaful operator.
    What are the general exclusions under the certificate?
      The general exclusions are existing illnesses, pregnancy, insanity and any illness suffered within 30 days from the effective date of the certificate.

    Am I required to go only to the hospitals or clinics approved by the takaful operator to seek treatment or for hospitalisation?
      You can seek treatment or be hospitalised at any reputable private hospital/clinic or any government hospital.
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