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FAQs on Motor Takaful
    Can I buy a third party cover if my car is under bank financing?
      No. Under the current practice, a bank providing vehicle financing requires the owner to buy a comprehensive cover.

    Would I be eligible for NCD under a motor takaful plan? If yes, how do I transfer my NCD entitlement from my previous insurance company if I intend to participate in a motor takaful plan?
      Yes, you will enjoy the NCD if you did not make any claim during the preceding period of cover. To transfer your NCD entitlement, you need to submit an NCD confirmation letter or renewal notice from your previous insurance company.
    How do I know whether a workshop is approved by the takaful operator?
      Please contact your takaful operator to confirm whether the workshop is included in the list of approved workshops.
    What is the difference between loading and excess?
      Loading is the additional contribution that you make, which is commensurate with the risk posed by yourself and/or your vehicle. Excess is the expense that you have to bear when you make a claim.
    What happens if the takaful cover for my vehicle is below the market value?
      If the takaful cover for your vehicle is below the market value, you are underinsuring your vehicle. In the event of a claim, you will have to bear the difference of the loss, under the principle of average condition.

    In a chain collision accident, how do takaful operators normally settle the claims of those vehicles involved?
      It is not easy to determine which vehicle is at fault or liable in a chain collision accident. To minimise delays in settling chain collision claims, takaful operators have agreed that, irrespective of which vehicle is liable, the vehicle immediately to the rear will be responsible for the loss or damage caused to the vehicle in front of it.
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