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Act of God
An event arising out of natural causes with no human intervention or could not have been prevented by reasonable care or foresight. Examples are floods, lightning, and earthquakes.
Activities of daily living (ADL)
  1. Transfer : Getting in & out of a chair without requiring physical assistance.
  2. Mobility : The ability to move from room to room without requiring any physical assistance.
  3. Continence : The ability to voluntarily control bowel and bladder functions such as to maintain personal hygiene.
  4. Dressing : Putting on and taking off all necessary items of clothing without requiring assistance of another person.
  5. Bathing/Washing : The ability to wash in the bath or shower(including getting in or out of the bath or shower) or wash by any other means.
  6. Eating : All tasks of getting food into the body once it has been prepared.
A person who carries on the business of investigating the cause and circumstances of a loss and ascertaining the quantum of loss.
One who solicits, negotiates or effects contracts of insurance on behalf of an insurance company.
Deterioration or loss of intellectual capacity or abnormal behavior as evidenced by the clinical state and accepted standardized questionnaires or tests arising from Alzheimer`s Disease or irreversible organic degenerative brain disorders resulting in significant reduction in mental and social functioning (such that continuous supervision is required). The diagnosis must be clinically confirmed by a neurologist. The following are excluded:
  • Non organic brain disorders such as neurosis and psychiatric illnesses and
  • Drug or alcohol related brain damage.
Angioplasty and other invasive treatments for major coronary artery disease
Means the actual undergoing for the first time of Coronary Artery Balloon Angioplasty, artherectomy, laser treatment or the insertion of a stent to re-vascularise a narrowing or blockage of one or more coronary arteries as shown by angiographic evidence. Intra-arterial investigative procedures are not included. Payment under this clause is limited to 10% of the Critical Illness coverage under this policy subject to a maximum of RM 25,000. This benefit is payable once only and shall be deducted from the amount of this Contract, thereby reducing the amount of the Lump Sum Payment which may be payable herein.
A contract that provides for a stream of periodic income for a term dependent upon human life.
The transfer of ownership rights of a life insurance policy to another party.
Automatic premium loan
A loan granted by a life insurance company to a policyholder using the cash value of the life policy to pay any premiums due at the end of the grace period of the same policy. The loan is automatic as allowed under one of the provisions in the life policy.
Average clause
Stipulates that an insurance company is only liable for such proportion of the loss as the sum insured bears to total value at risk. This clause is applicable to the insurance of a property.