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The procedure for making the effective date of a policy earlier than the application date. Backdating is often used to make the age at issue lower than it actually was in order to get a lower premium.
Bacterial meningitis
Bacterial meningitis causing inflammation of the membranes of the brain or spinal cord resulting in permanent neurological deficit lasting for a minimum period of 30 days and resulting in a permanent inability to perform at least three (3) of the Activities of Daily Living .
The diagnosis is to be confirmed by:
  • an appropriate specialist
  • the presence of bacterial infection in the cerebrospinal fluid by lumbar puncture
Benign brain tumor
A life-threatening, non-cancerous tumor in the brain or meninges within the cranium, giving rise to characteristic signs of increased intra-cranial pressure such as papilloedema, mental symptoms, seizures and sensory impairment. The presence of the underlying tumor must be confirmed by imaging studies such as CT Scan or MRI. The following are excluded:
  1. Cysts
  2. Granulomas
  3. Malformations in or of the arteries or veins of the brain
  4. Hematomas
  5. Tumors in the pituitary gland, or spine
  6. Tumors of the acoustic nerve
A situation where the condition of an insured item has become better following a repair or replacement.
Blindness /total loss of sight
Total and irreversible loss of sight in both eyes as a result of illness or accident. The blindness must be confirmed by an ophthalmologist.
Bodily injury liability
Legal liability for causing physical injury or death to another.
This is the extra money paid with the final benefit for participating policies. However bonuses are not guaranteed and depend on the performance of the insurance fund.
Brain surgery
The actual undergoing of surgery to the brain under general anesthesia during which a craniotomy is performed. The following are excluded:
  1. Burr hole procedures, transphenoidal procedures and other minimally invasive procedures
  2. Brain surgery as a result of an accident
One who represents an insured in the solicitation, negotiation or procurement of contracts of insurance, and who may render services incidental to those functions.