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Occupationally acquired human immunodeficiency virus ( HIV) infection
Infection with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (only if the life assured is a Medical Staff as defined below), where it was acquired as a result of an accident occurring during the course of carrying out normal occupational duties with sero-conversion to HIV infection occurring within six (6) months of the accident. Any accident giving rise to a potential claim must be reported to the Company within thirty (30) days of the accident taking place supported by a negative HIV test taken within seven (7) days of the accident. “Medical Staff” is defined as Doctors (General Physicians and Specialists), nurses, laboratory technicians, dentists (surgeons and nurses), ambulance workers who are working in the medical centre or hospital or dental clinics/polyclinics in Malaysia. Infection in any other manner including as a result of sexual activity, blood transfusions or recreational intravenous drug use is specifically excluded.
Other serious coronary artery disease
The narrowing of the lumen of at least three major coronary arteries (not inclusive of their branches) by a minimum of 60 percent or more as proven by coronary arteriography (non-invasive diagnostic procedures are excluded). Coronary Arteries herein refer to the Circumflex Artery, Right Coronary Artery (RCA), Left Anterior Descending Artery(LAD) and Left Main Stem ( a narrowing of 60% or more of the Left Main Stem will be considered as a narrowing of two major arteries). This benefit is payable regardless of whether or not any form of coronary artery surgery has been performed.
A term used to describe the condition that exists when a policyholder has purchased coverage for more than the actual cash value or replacement cost of a subject of insurance.