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Scale of benefits
The scale of benefits refers to the amount of compensation payable by an insurance company in the event of injury to or loss of limb, sight or hearing. It determines the proportion of compensation vis-à-vis the loss suffered.
Severe cardiomyopathy
An impaired function of the heart muscle, unequivocally diagnosed as Cardiomyopathy by a cardiologist, and resulting in permanent physical impairment of at least Class III of the New York Heart Association`s classification of cardiac impairment. The diagnosis has to be supported by echocardiographic findings of compromised ventricular performance. The NYHA Classification of Cardiac Impairment for Class III and Class IV means the following:-
  1. Marked limitation of physical activity. Comfortable at rest but less than ordinary activity causes symptoms.
  2. Unable to engage in any physical activity without discomfort. Symptoms may be present even at rest.
  3. Cardiomyopathy directly related to alcohol or drug abuse is excluded.
Strata-titled property
Properties such as apartments, condominiums, flats etc.
Defined as a cerebrovascular accident or incident producing neurological sequelae of a permanent nature, having lasted not less than three months. Infarction of brain tissue, hemorrhage and embolization from an extra-cranial source are included. The diagnosis must be based on changes seen in a CT scan or MRI and certified by a neurologist. Specifically excluded are cerebral symptoms due to transient ischemic attacks, any reversible ischemic neurological deficit, vertebrobasilar ischemia, cerebral symptoms due to migraine, cerebral injury resulting from trauma or hypoxia and vascular disease affecting the eye or optic nerve or vestibular functions.
Surgery to aorta
The actual undergoing of surgery via a thoracotomy or laparotomy to repair or correct an aortic aneurysm, an obstruction of the aorta or a dissection of the aorta. For the purpose of this definition, aorta shall mean the thoracic and abdominal aorta but not its branches. Angioplasty and all other intra-arterial, catheter based techniques, keyhole or laser procedures are excluded.
To give up a life policy. The insurance company pays the insured the cash value, if any, which the policy has built up if it is surrendered.
Surrender value
The amount available in cash upon voluntary termination of a policy before it becomes payable on death or maturity. Also called cash value. 
Systemic lupus erythematosus with lupus nephritis
Refers to a multi-system, autoimmune disorder characterized by the development of auto-antibodies, directed against various self-antigens. Within the context of this policy, SLE is restricted to only those forms of systemic lupus Erythematosus, which involve the kidneys (Type 111 to Type V Lupus Nephritis, established by renal biopsy). Other forms such as discoid lupus and those forms with only hematological and joint involvement are specifically excluded. WHO Lupus Classification:
  • Class I: Minimal change glomerulonephritis
  • Class II: Mesangial glomerulonephritis
  • Class III:Focal Segmental glomerulonephritis
  • Class IV:Diffuse glomerulonephritis
  • Class V: Membranous glomerulonephritis