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Tariff Rate
A rate established by a rating organisation, which comes from the tables, schedules and rules found in the tariff. For tariff rates products, all policyholders pay the same standard premium if no loadings are involved.
Term insurance
Insurance payable only on death within a specified period.

Terminal illness
The conclusive diagnosis of a condition that is expected to result in death of the Life Insured within 12 months. The insured must no longer be receiving active treatment other than that for pain relief. The diagnosis must be supported by written confirmation from the appropriate specialist and confirmed by the Company’s appointed doctor.
Total loss
A loss of sufficient size so that it can be said there is nothing left of value.
The act of, or attempt threat, which induces a policyholder, to drop an existing policy and take another. A policyholder is usually worse off when his/her policy is twisted.