Insurance and takaful jargons, policy terms and conditions as well as its rules and regulations can be tough to understand. Don’t worry, we’ll try and help you understand insurance and takaful, making it a little bit easier for you to digest.
Insurance protects you from unforeseen risks and circumstances. It is important that you explore the types of insurance offered so you’ll make the right choice to protect yourself.
Getting insurance usually involves a representative from the insurance company, be it an agent, broker or financial adviser. Find out what you must know when dealing with these individuals to ensure your rights are protected.
If you have insurance, you need to find out the scope of your insurance coverage and its limitation. Equip yourself with this knowledge so that you can make full use of your insurance and be well protected.
Takaful is slightly different from conventional insurance. There are 2 different types of takaful that address different needs. Should takaful be your choice? Learn more about the types of takaful available before you make that decision.