Bank Negara Malaysia's learning programmes are designed as part of the efforts to raise the financial literacy and capability of consumers like you.  
Dedicated to various segments of the public and covering a variety of banking and insurance subjects, this programme aims to increase your financial literacy to enable you to make better financial decisions, and to share the knowledge with your organisation, friends and family.

By going through this programme, consumers will learn certain financial concepts and acquire relevant financial skills, such as how to manage their money and tips on investment.We also aim to equip the public with sufficient information on various banking, insurance and takaful products and services.

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Bank Negara Malaysia’s learning programme caters for the following segments of public:
Young adults
Adults (including at the workplace)
Rural community
The programme aims to educate the target groups on :
  Money management Awareness of electronic payments
  Budgeting skills Awareness of bogus employment schemes
Financial planning using Bank Negara Malaysia’s
“ Household Financial Planning Book ”

Awareness of bogus investment/deposit
  Basic banking knowledge Redress avenues
  Basic insurance knowledge Roles of different market players
      Current development
If you work with an organisation related to the above target audience or other related target audience, like pensioners, and are keen on helping your members learn about money management skills and basic banking and insurance knowledge, you can take part in Bank Negara Malaysia's learning programmes by applying here. All applications will be subject to Bank Negara Malaysia's assessment and evaluation based on the most appropriate way to teach your members.